Residential Visa & Health / Medical Insurance in Dubai

Medical Insurance in Dubai

Health Insurance is mandatory for anyone living and working in Dubai. The employers and business owners have to ensure that all the workers have health insurance before absorbing them into their firm. However, there is a lack of consistency on the record provided nowadays, but that does not mean a lot has changed as far as medical insurance in Dubai is concerned.

Adjustments Ahead in Health Cover

The labour laws have it that with the health insurance card, one can get access to a limited range of healthcare facilities that make part of the Dubai Health Authority. This is an offer availed to the workers with substantially lower earnings in the region. For the individuals with higher incomes, they can simply join the insurance coverage programs offered by their employers.

Residential Visa

To any business located in Dubai and is looking to outsource workers; they must have insurance coverage well organized before applying for their residential visa. This is done mainly to ensure safety for the foreign workers coming to join hands with the local employers. Failure to do this always leads to legal fines issued by the relevant bodies responsible for the residential visa and health insurance services in the UAE.

More Improvements to Medical Insurance in Dubai

In 2013, there was a major announcement made by Dubai, which required that all the residents must have health insurance coverage by an authorized insurance body. It was concluded that all the current DHA facilities are bound to be part of the system before they are legally allowed to operate. The clinics and hospitals are not an exemption when it comes to embracing the new health insurance requirement for all residents.

Ideally, this new system is meant to replace the old health care system; it is estimated to cost at least AED 500-700 annually. It also can provide health coverage to more than AED 150,000. While this is a great move for covering the workers with lower income, critics maintain that it is not that reliable. The main idea behind this system is that it has to be linked with the work/resident visas.

It is still not clear whether this new system is the responsibility of the employers or the employees, but it is put in place to provide some good level of consistency. The other fact about the new system is that it applies to other Emirati nationals and must be fully adhered to. There is also an intention to have insurance coverage for the international visitors. This system was launched in 2013, and by 2016, it was fully functional and effective in Dubai and other Emirati nationals.

The medical insurance Dubai is something which is taken seriously as it ensures that all the workers are safe at work. Since this country receives many international visitors, the medical insurance in Dubai is a vital tool that ensures all of them are safe during the visit. If one does not have the insurance card, then your insurance coverage is catered for by the employer, and this is mandatory.