A Brief Guide to Health Insurance in the UAE

Health Insurance Dubai

Health insurance is necessary for you and your family. Not only is it necessary, but it is compulsory as well if you hold a visa in most parts of the UAE. The DHA (Dubai Health Authorities) made getting health coverage mandatory last year and with that, you should already have health insurance. Not having health insurance is like putting yourself in financial ruin. With affordable health insurance Dubai for everyone, each class on the financial ladder is safe.

Health Insurance by the Employer

A majority of organizations and sponsors are now bringing forward plans that involve safety and well-being of the company’s employees. This way your health insurance will no more be your headache. Rather, your employer will be responsible for covering it for you. With the law in Dubai stating that all employers are to sponsor their employees in this regard and all individuals must be sponsored for health care, necessary measures are being followed. If not, strict action would be taken.

Abu Dhabi was the first to make it compulsory for employers and sponsors to provide health care for those working for them, and Dubai followed suit. Soon, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates would probably be taking similar steps to safeguard the fundamental human rights of employees and individuals. Health insurance Dubai is mandatory, so going against the law can result in hefty fines and visa sanctions. Without health insurance, an employee will not be able to get their visa renewed.

Unlike Abu Dhabi, where the employers are also responsible for the dependents of the employees, this isn’t the case in Dubai. That’s because Dubai has many SME businesses and if their owners had to provide for the employees’ families as well, the total costs would become too much.

Dubai Insurance Providers

There are many health insurance companies in Dubai, and your business can strike a better deal with insurance providers for you. The extent and quality of healthcare provided by different companies or insurance providers vary massively. Your grade in the enterprise you are working for is also a deciding factor in what sort of healthcare facilities you may be offered.

This corporate health insurance system makes life easier for the middle class. However, many people who can afford healthcare might look for better quality of healthcare than that provided by their companies. Hence, you can opt out of the insurance your company is offering if you get health insurance by yourself from a legit insurance provider. This means that you will be responsible for yourself and will be required to cover the costs. Only excellent negotiation skills can get you the sort of package that you desire.

Dubai Hospitals

AHD is among the top hospitals, especially for maternity care, along with City Hospital. Welcare Hospital is also popular among the masses. These make for private hospitals. However, Rashid Hospital and Latifa Hospital provide premium health care facilities in Government Hospitals.