Health Care System in Dubai

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One of the best destinations with the highest quality of public healthcare in Dubai. It has highly equipped hospitals. The UAE government insists that everyone needs Health insurance in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) governs both private and public healthcare. Health insurance in Dubai is mandatory, so experts and residents should acquire one from health insurance companies.

Medical Cards

Government-run medical facilities require that you possess a UAE health card to receive services. Go to a medical center or an online platform to acquire a card. You will need a valid passport or national ID number and charged about 87 dollars for the process. Health cards come in handy to cover for specific treatments that your previous health insurance cannot.

Private Healthcare

People will still seek private health; however, it is good to note that public hospitals provide quality services as well. Dubai Healthcare City has over 130 facilities offering over 150 specialties in medicine. Children are not left behind as well. KidFirst is private healthcare that deals with children even those with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Health Insurance

There is a law by DHA that requires every resident in Dubai to get health insurance coverage. The vast law also requires companies to ensure their staff. The employees can get a primary cover. Under the government’s rules, expats need to affirm covers for their domestic workers like maids and nannies as well as their family members.

Primary Care

A family doctor in a public or private medical center can attend to non-urgent cases. Both adults and children can make use of outpatient consultations. The services include, but not limited to antenatal clinic, gynecology, and vaccinations. The advantage of the hospitals is that one can see a doctor without an appointment.

Specialist Care

You can select your specialist from a private or public facility without a family doctors’ referral. You can get free inquiries for a specialist and schedule appointments from online platforms. However, it is important to consult a family doctor as they will best recommend a specialist based on your needs and medical condition.

Emergency Care

You will get issued with a temporary health card once you arrive at a public hospital for an emergency treatment which gets offered for free. Health insurance cards are acceptable for emergencies in Al Baraha Hospital after the mandatory act of insuring all residents. More hospitals across the Emirates are following suit. However, private hospitals charge expensively for emergency treatments especially if one lacks comprehensive health insurance.

Maternity Services

Expecting mothers get encouraged to register with any hospitals no later than seven months into the pregnancy. Latifa Hospital receives considered as the best natal care public facility. Take note that in Dubai one needs to be legally married to conceive. It will necessitate the mother to provide a health card, both hers and her husband’s passport and their marriage certificate.

Details concerning the mandatory medical insurance are on the website of the Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai (ISAHD). Whether you are a resident or expat, it is in your best interest to get in touch with health insurance companies. Health insurance in Dubai will provide adequate cover for your medical needs.