According to a recent announcement made by the Dubai Health Authority, cancer screening and treatment will be provided free of charge in various government and private institutions around the emirate. This service, called Basmah is a part of the Dubai Mandatory Health Insurance Scheme.

Under Basmah, screening, and treatment for breast, colorectal and cervical cancer will be provided to all residents, even those who are on a basic insurance plan. The aim of this initiative is to not only help in early diagnosis but also provide financial and emotional support to patients.

Previously, insurance cover for cancer diagnoses was limited to AED 150,000. However, under this new government initiative, if an individual is diagnosed during the screening process, they will be treated at Dubai Hospital and later directed at a recognized cancer care center for treatment.

Recently, other diagnoses such as diabetes, heart disease, and newborn screening were added as part of the mandatory health insurance cover. In the near future, the Health Authority has plans to include Hepatitis C as a part of free screening to Dubai residents.